Airborne Scanning Systems Solutions at RIEGL USA

Power Line Mapping: With the vast network and infrastructure that comprise interconnected grids and power lines that generate and transport electricity to millions of homes and businesses, the demand for accurate data from power line corridors are in great demand. These corridors are often in areas that are not easily accessible and in turn this makes it extremely difficult to survey. Learn about how our RIEGL LIDAR products can help you maintain accurate and efficient date capturing techniques.

Shoreline Mapping: Using RIEGL LIDAR scanners, the measurements of shoreline changes along bays and oceans are collected for use in historical aerial photography and airborne topographic LIDAR surveying.

Corridor Mapping: Content coming soon

Aerospace: Given the accuracy requirements within the aerospace industry, achieving small measurement quality even with large objects from the air utilizing small aircraft, rotor craft or helicopters is extremely crucial. RIEGL LIDAR scanners provide accurate data within a micron accuracy.

General Industry: RIEGL USA will develop a system for use in your industry if we have not already established one for use within your industry. Our research, years of experience and use of RIEGL LIDAR scanners will surely enable us to become the stepping stone for a more cost efficient, productive and timely solution for your business' needs. We will either provide you with the best possible scanner available on the market, train and support your business or build a complete system for you that stand true to our core of building systems and delivering performance.

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