PDF RiDB Datasheet (PDF – 404KB)

PDF RiMTA TLS Datasheet (PDF – 1.04MB)

PDF RiSCAN PRO Datasheet (PDF – 521KB)

PDF RiSOLVE Brochure (PDF – 1.73MB)

PDF RiVLib Datasheet (PDF – 117KB)

PDF Vienna VZ-400i Project (PDF – 13.9MB)

PDF VZ-400 Datasheet (PDF – 814KB)

PDF VZ-400i Datasheet (PDF – 2.50MB)

PDF VZ-400i Infosheet (PDF – 1.71MB)

PDF VZ-1000 Datasheet (PDF – 434KB)

Design Build and Construction

The building and construction industry, both residential and commercial, play a vital role in the U.S. economy. Laser scanning, used in the design-build and construction industry, help provide an effective and highly accurate way to capture information before, during, and after construction of the build to ensure efficiency and precision with permanent 3D representation of the site.

Our VZ-line of scanners provide a range of surveying solutions that enables workers in the construction and building fields improved planning and design, safety and regulatory compliance, and cost and schedule reduction.

The hardware is rugged and fully portable, tested under strict conditions to ensure reliable performance, and are operational in the toughest of environmental conditions- poor visibility, dust, haze, rain, and snow.

The software optimizes and simplifies scan data processing through workflow automation, automatic data registration, advanced filtering, feature extraction, volume calculation, and surface comparison to fully support processing and post-processing tasks.

The combined power of the RIEGL hardware and software systems allow for workflow simplification and automation that speeds up field work tremendously and provides the highest quality LiDAR package for the design-build and construction industry.