The RIEGL product line exemplifies versatility. Our scanners and systems are used in a variety of industries spanning the globe. Below are just a few of the applications that these systems have delivered exemplary results in. We are proud to offer a brief insight into the specifics of these applications. We hope that doing so will demonstrate the potential improvements in reliability, accuracy, and quality that can be gained by using a RIEGL product.

If your specific idea, industry, or application is not listed below, please contact us. We look forward to customizing a solution catered to your project’s needs.

Crash Scene Investigation Applications Crash Scene Investigation

Accurately assess scan data for homeland security, forensics and general safety. The accuracy of RIEGL scan data is a great tool for investigations and security issues.

Mining Mining

Range of activities that covers extraction of natural resources for calculation, planning, measuring and operations from precise scan data.

Utilities Utilities

Collect essential and critical scan data for utility management, vegetation encroachment, and line rating assessment to ensure utmost accuracy and safety.

Forestry Forestry

Monitor and maintain forest sustainability, overall health, and economic benefits through long-term and regular observation.

Surveying Surveying

Increase accuracy, detail and fidelity to roads, highways, railroads, bridges, buildings, coastal mapping and wide area mapping for modeling and assessment.

Wide Area Mapping Wide Area Mapping

Collect, analyze and model data for management purposes of geographically designated data from wide swaths of land, urban areas, natural resources, forestry, and many others safely and efficiently.

Design-Build/Construction Design-Build/Construction

Facilitates workers and engineers to accurately measure/survey buildings, piping and other construction conditions.

Bathymetric Bathymetric

Effectively capture both land and seafloor simultaneously to provide topographic-type results in near shore environments.

Transportation/Infrastructure Transportation/Infrastructure

Rapidly and safely collect survey grade LiDAR scan data to help plan, design, construct, and maintain networks for the transportation and infrastructure industries.

Geology Geology

Measuring, modeling and analyzing natural occurrences such as: topography, seismic surveys, logging, erosion patterns and hydrology.


Capitalize on the entire building life cycle by extracting modeling, geographic and spatial recognition to support building operations.

City Mapping City Mapping

Collect, analyze and model data for management purposes of geographically designated data from roads, bridges, buildings, urban assets on land or within water.

Topography Topography

Accurately obtain scan data for topographic maps regarding elevation and contouring, vegetative and human-made features.

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Our complete systems enable and accommodate in the extraction, analysis and restoration of historic landmarks, artifacts and cultural sites.

Monitoring Monitoring

The detection of change in modeling, analyzing and measurement of natural disasters, buildings, transportation infrastructure, geological sites, mines and many more.

Tunnel Surveying Tunnel Surveying

Accurate and detailed measurements for assessment, analyzing and modeling for tunnels built for rail roads, vehicles, whether in ground, under water and in mountains.

Civil Engineering Civil Engineering

Utilize acquired scan data for design, build, general construction of roads, airports, bridges, dams, stadiums, tunnels, buildings, power plants, water plants and fisheries, etc.

Architecture & Façade Measurement Architecture & Façade Measurement

Recording measurements from scan data for structural analysis for major renovation or preservation while avoiding damage to existing architecture and facades.