PDF Datasheet Rimining 2015-03-24 (PDF – 2.98MB)

PDF Datasheet Rimonitor 2014-09-01 (PDF – 426KB)

PDF Datasheet Rimta TLS 2015-08-14 (PDF – 3.84MB)

PDF Datasheet VZ 2000-2015-03-24 (PDF – 480KB)

PDF Datasheet VZ 4000-2015-03-24 (PDF – 591KB)

PDF Datasheet VZ 6000-2015-01-22 (PDF – 700KB)

PDF Mining Low Res (PDF – 594KB)

Crash Scene Investigation

With the extraction of natural resources, mining and quarrying has become a segment of the market that covers a vast array of businesses around the world. This involves researching, planning, collecting and processing data captures in the field with calculation of mine surveying measurements. This data provides the basis for planning and controlling mine operations.

RIEGL provides high quality LiDAR hardware and software packages to meet the needs of the mining industry.

The hardware is rugged and fully portable, tested under strict conditions to ensure reliable performance, and are operational in the toughest of environmental conditions- poor visibility, dust, haze, rain, and snow.

The software optimizes and simplifies scan data processing through workflow automation, automatic data registration, advanced filtering, feature extraction, volume calculation, and surface comparison to fully support mining processing and post-processing tasks.

The combined power of the RIEGL hardware and software systems allow for workflow simplification and automation that speeds up field work tremendously and provides the highest quality LiDAR package for the mining industry.

The RIEGL VZ-4000 very long range terrestrial laser scanning in mining environment