PDF RiACQUIRE-Datasheet (PDF – 687KB)

PDF RiPRECISION-MLS-Datasheet (PDF – 2.55MB)

PDF RiPROCESS Datasheet (PDF – 902KB)

PDF RiWORLD-Datasheet (PDF – 375KB)

PDF VMQ-1HA Datasheet (PDF – 1.60MB)

PDF VMX-1HA Datasheet (PDF – 1.18MB)

PDF VUX-1HA Datasheet (PDF – 1.11MB)

PDF DataSheet VZ-400 2014-09-19 (PDF – 815KB)

PDF DataSheet RiMONITOR 2014-09-01 (PDF – 427KB)

PDF DataSheet RiMTA TLS 2015-08-14 (PDF – 1.04MB)

PDF DataSheet VZ-1000 2015-03-24 (PDF – 435KB)

PDF RiDB Datasheet (PDF – 409KB)

PDF RiSCAN PRO Datasheet (PDF – 522KB)

PDF RiSOLVE Brochure (PDF – 1.77KB)

PDF RiVLib-Datasheet (PDF – 118KB)

PDF Vienna VZ-400i (PDF – 13.9MB)

PDF VZ-400i Datasheet (PDF – 2.50MB)

PDF VZ-400i Infosheet (PDF – 1.71MB)

PDF VZ-2000 Datasheet (PDF – 472KB)


High precision 3D data of terrain, structures, roads, highways, railroads, bridges, and other mapping needs can be acquired using RIEGL waveform LiDAR technology.

Benefits of using LiDAR for surveying include acquiring highly precise data from a wide area in a short span of time, quick processing of the data acquired and ease of use in the field and in the office.

RIEGL provides multiple hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of surveyors.

The VZ series of terrestrial scanners are cutting-edge 3D laser scanning systems with a long, proud, and proven history of excellence and practicability. They provide detailed and highly accurate 3D data rapidly and efficiently. The scanners are rugged, fully portable instruments, tested under strict conditions for reliable performance, even under highly demanding environmental conditions.

The VMX-1HA and VMQ-1HA mobile scanners are designed to collect robust LiDAR point clouds from highway-speed moving platforms with survey-grade accuracy. They are fully integrated solutions with ultra-transportability in mind.

The combination of the RIEGL hardware and software are important assets to the surveyor’s toolbox.

The new RIEGL VZ-400i High Performance Terrestrial Laser Scanner
The NEW RIEGL VMX-1HA High Performance Dual Scanner Mobile Mapping System!